Back in January 2015!

Hello! We would like to thank everyone who is involved during our 1 month trial alpha testing. So many feedback from friends, experts and even media. It was a mistake in our part to publish it publicly and unfortunately, we are being mistaken as a social networking platform for musicians. First and foremost, I appreciate everyone’s feedback and concerns during our alpha test. We have also received lots of positive feedback, especially from the design and layout point of view. Enough about the past but here is what is going to happen to 5Beat.

Ecommerce direct from musicians to fans

We will be launching our beta testing on January 2015 & this time we will be focusing on the ecommerce side of 5Beat. We have been working real hard around the clock and contacting musicians from both the indie & mainstream side of things. If you are reading this & you are a musician, do not hesitate to contact me at

Music Curator

We will be housing the largest wikipedia clone for Indonesian Musicians, aside from selling gears, we would like to curate to you fans on what is really going on from the music industry. For too many times, especially the recent years, that people in general are bored with the music industry. So we take it upon ourselves to expose the unknown and maybe known talents to you real music fans of Indonesia. From genres such as hip hop, folk, r&b and so much more genres to explore, you will not be bored by our selection of Indonesian Music Artists.

Music Chart

Yes, we will be having our own music chart, and best of all it will be organic. We would like to encourage you music fans to explore all activities in 5Beat like youtube video plays or soundcloud plays and help boost your artist ranking in 5Beat. You can relax, because ALL the videos are not hosted by us but by the works’ respective owners. So we are not gaining anything but your own leisure & fun times here at 5Beat.

So, as of today, we will be developing 5Beat to elevate yet again Indonesian Music Industry to its glory days.

Terima kasih!