Creating an impact for the Indonesian Music Industry


I am not sure where to begin actually. It have been quite a ride ever since 5Beat came alive in the last 6 weeks. We have been meeting with so many music labels, musicians and producers and talked about what is really happening in the music industry. Despite hearing so many stories, I came to draw a conclusion that everyone I met truly do want to change the music industry, no matter how minuscule it is. The problems that are most commonly heard are as follow :

  1. There is no proper music medium nowadays to promote local music scene. Most medias that include both radios & TVs are moving away from music as a whole and focus more on ratings. Radios are focusing more on hits player songs rather than hits maker songs, while TV focuses more on the comedic side which only saw music as an instrument rather than the true focus.
  2. Digital Marketing is mostly confusing and full of backdoor politics. Most bands are moving away from the mainstream channels such as iTunes due to its affiliation to a certain cliche that they are not comfortable with. Heck, even building websites are so bloody expensive for most of these folks.
  3. Music is simply not respected. There are many reasons to this, but in my opinion it is the lack of education for the most part.

At 5Beat we have witnessed amazing performances by bands such as Pandai Besi, MataJiwa, Sore & we have even have a deep discussion with The Brandals on why the music industry is not even awakening anytime soon. Many had given up even the slightest  sight of light but many more are still streaming to make themselves a success for whatever the reason is.

After thorough collection, I believe that the next patch of 5Beat ~ MEW4 & MEW5 ~ will focus more on creating solutions such as :

  1. Web Building Solution
  2. Digital Distribution Solution
  3. Content Curation Strategy
  4. Media Partnership
  5. Video Production
  6. Project : Jumpstart

We are not going to be sure which is going to be released first but I am looking forward to test some of these APIs before we are going to release it to the public. Business Model wise is still at planning stage at best.

Nevertheless we are very excited to be even talking about this.

Pray that this will make a true impact. Lets glorify the music industry again in Indonesia.


– Ishak Tanoto