Music Axxess is coming to 5Beat in August 2015

Music Axxess

5Beat presents Music Axxess


How do we describe Music Axxess? Think of it as our gift to Indonesian Musicians. In the next few months we will be releasing our first batch of music tools that Musicians will love to see. Here is the run down of the tools we are releasing in our first version :


What Is It?

It is a bunch of music tools that musicians can use to start their career fresh here at 5Beat. The basic philosophy of Music Axxess is to provide access to distribution & media where it has been a hinder in most parts of Indonesia. at 5Beat, we know how hard it is for musicians to promote themselves and sell their music in online and offline. Music Axxess might be the answer depending on how musicians decided to use it.

What Are The Tools?

In our very first prototype and version we will be introducing the first batch of tools :


  • AXXESS to 5Beat Profile Creation
  • AXXESS to 5Beat Explore Creation
  • AXXESS to 5Beat Shop

After a musician is approved to join 5BEAT : MUSIC AXXESS allowed him to CREATE his own music PROFILE and get listed in 5BEAT DISCOVER, EXPAND THEIR PRESENCE in the local music industry by CREATING THEIR OWN MEDIA CHANNEL in 5BEAT EXPLORE & SELL CD & MERCHANDISE in 5BEAT SHOP.


  • AXXESS to Site Builder : Create a website that houses all your content and selling digital distribution links to the public via our easy to use web builder.
  • AXXESS to Jumpstart : is a new music and media marketing platform that offers the ability to create artist accounts and track response to fans who share your music and related content. A combination of public recognition and rewards for your top fans encourages their involvement in spreading the word. Jumpstart’s unique offering is its ability to manage fan rewards and will require active involvement by bands to succeed.


Finally, the last tool for MUSIC AXXESS version 01 is our digital distribution tool to iTunes, Deezer, Spotify & more. Our list will grow for the next few months so stay tuned! The best News of all is that musicians keeps the royalties. Nuff Said

So thats our brief introduction and we will explain more in the next few weeks before our release date of August 2015!

Have a good one & should you have any information email us at