Working Hard

We have not been logging my journal in the past couple of months of what we have been doing in 5Beat. The team and I have been working around the clock to push this great product to the public and yes, we have encountered numerous obstacles; the lack of human resource is definitely one but most importantly, we have been doing alot of analytic research on how 5Beat will leverage the music industry. The work has been really tedious to say the least.

Language Problems

The founders, literally and we mean it in the nicest way, sucks at Bahasa Indonesia. We are working on it trust me, finding the guy who would want to translate the language in the website as a volunteer. Finally, we are able to recruit Romy to help up translate alot of our language feature to Bahasa Indonesia. The downside is we have to push back our launch to sometimes next week along with the new design of the website. Nevertheless, we have an intellectual conversation of shaping up our “EXPLORE” parts as a media that will provoke & criticize Indonesian Music Industry. Definitely Stay Tune for that people.

Design Flaws

YES and we feel very bad! The whole idea of having 5Beat is to support the following feature:

  • DISCOVER – where users can discover new artist in an easy & simple way
  • EXPLORE – users can explore the news & opinions around the local music industry
  • SHOP – Simply, you like the artist, you buy the goods.

It was not easy to say the least to combine these 3 features into 1 page. What were received were a decrease in duration stay and people were not as engaging as our previous release back in October where we can get a 20 minutes stay and 8-10 pageviews per session. So, after doing LOTS and LOTS of analyzing we realized that we need to separate these feature into its own page. Hopefully our new design is much simpler and easier to use.

Community Engagement

As a fan, every genre of music deserve a spot in the public. The past 2 months has been somehow tiring, meeting labels of different genres & management, and to let em know that 5Beat is here to help the music industry kicking again! The convincing part was not easy. As most of us are not from the music industry, we are not aware of the amount of bad history local music industry are facing. From the black october month and fraud cases here and there, it is our job and duty to convince them that 5Beat is not just a mere walk in the park but really, we want to help these musicians. Personally, we have learnt that building trust is important and the amount of engagement we have with each of these genre communities determine where we are going to be positioned in the future. Much thanks to these labels btw who really tries to understand what we want to do.

Building a Startup: NOT EASY



5Beat is about 2 main components: Music Lifestyle and How are we going to develop it. Each of these components branches out to more problems that we can imagine. From the lack of human resource & financing to time management and so much more. Personally, we tried to get the funding we would like to, but to no avail, no one was convinced. The tech VCs were not convinced with the dying music industry…at all. On the other hands, we have the musicians who are eager to see how far 5Beat can go and thus, the conflict. Do we listen to the tech VCs who are not aware of what Indonesian music is like or do we go commando and bootstrap our way. Yes, we are not giving up hope. The technical terms of “Blood Sweat & Tears” truly describe what our journey has been like so far.

Nevertheless, I am blessed to have the team to go for it now. Much Thankful!

Back to business!

We are revamping 5Beat so that we can better carter the website to everyone! Before we go all out, we will be testing the website from Monday to Wednesday and BAM! 5Beat is launching for real!

Pray that we can make a true impact!


– Ishak Tanoto

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