PATCH NOTES for MEW3 Roll Out. 5Beat


MEW3 Patch Rollout
New Design Layout


Okay as we would like to call it the new patch MEW3 for 5Beat has been released to the public. We have received so many feedback in regards to the design of 5Beat. There were some major issues in regards to the flow of the web and thus, confusion was the result. We apologize for that and hopefully, the new design will help better the audience of 5Beat.


We have split 5Beat into 3 main parts:

  1. DISCOVER – This is the part where you can discover new music / musicians by playing around with our categories division: Charts, Top Views & More. We will release more categories in the futures. Try searching for not just the name of the artists but try location, year of debut, location or labels. It’s fun!
  2. EXPLORE РThis is super major. We have added EXPLORE as to curate the latest that is going on in the music industry and to be fun we have added a few more categories to better assess the categorization of exploration of media. This is going to be fun.  For now: NEWS, EVENTS, CULTURE, MUSIC SPOTLIGHT, REVIEWS, FIGHT THE POWER & LETS TALK are our categories. If you want to contribute, email your article to and we will see if we can post it in our LETS TALK section (kind of like Kompasiana for 5Beat)
  3. SHOP – Our shop module is the same but with a lot more improved design.

Hopefully this will explain how 5Beat works. To put it simple:

  1. DISCOVER – Find New Musicians
  2. EXPLORE – Read Our Media on the latest around the music industry
  3. SHOP – Buy & support your local musicians yah!

Do play around with the website and do email us at and we welcome any feedbacks.

Thank you for being patient with us as our small team is really really really really working hard to push 5Beat to the public.

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