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5BEAT AXXESS: Release Notes 0.1

5Beat Axxess

5Beat Axxess


It is with great pleasure, that 5BEAT is now releasing its first ever feature tool to the Indonesian public. Before we start with what to expect in the latest feature of 5BEAT, we would like to first tell a short story..


About one year ago, the founders of 5BEAT met together last year in a cafe in the Cikini area. We started this project as a fun project with no seriousness in the beginning. Our initial project include just 3 parts at that time :

  1. DISCOVER – 5BEAT’s list of artists (Wikipedia for Local Musicians)
  2. EXPLORE – 5BEAT’s media publishing section that covers local music industry news & happenings
  3. SHOP – 5BEAT’s marketplace for musicians to sell their CDs & Merchandise.

We were quite excited by this project now known as 5BEAT and were quite surprised that in the next few months, we have received tons of contact from musicians (mostly from Jakarta) asking us to meet up and further collaborate on how to make our local music industry better through 5BEAT. Of course, none of us were ready nor we expect the kind of hype we had received. So by early 2015, we felt that we are ready to take up this project full time and we felt that we need to add more to 5BEAT.

We set upon a tumultuous journey to meet up with every kind of musicians we can meet. We appreciate that most music communities welcome us with open hand and we listened to the problems and how we can turn these problems into solutions through 5BEAT. We realized that there are many flaws that need to be fixed and we proudly present our fourth work in 5BEAT : AXXESS.


5BEAT AXXESS is a series of tools that is designed to help build local musicians’ career. In the next one year, expect exciting releases that most importantly places importance of providing accessibility to musicians to better :

  • access to digital distribution
  • access to local ecommorce
  • access to digital tools
  • access to media publishing
  • access to more awesomely epic tools

By creating these tools we would like to create a healthy ecosystem for Indonesian Music Industry where everyone from musicians and fans can both enjoy the very best and diverse music locally.


We will be releasing 5BEAT: MUSIC KICKUP as part of 5BEAT: AXXESS tools. This will be our digital distribution tool to online stores/platforms such as :

  1. iTunes
  2. Spotify
  3. Deezer
  4. Mix Radio
  5. Rdio
  6. Shazam
  7. Google Play Music
  8. More
  9. We are expecting to add Apple Music into our list in the coming months.

So what is great about Music Kickup is unlike the other local digital distributions in Indonesia, we expect you Musicians to collect 100% of the royalty from these online stores. Seriously you ask? We are being damn serious. For just a low price of IDR 300,000 / album and IDR 150,000 /Single now, you can get your work worldwide just like that!

We will be working together with our partner in Finland, better known as Music Kickup and they will be helping us to build a healthy music industry for Indonesia together with 5BEAT. We are damn proud to be their official Indonesian partner now.


5BEAT : AXXESS or shall we call it #5AXXESS for now, will be released in 2 days on 25-AUG-2015! Expect tons of cool redesign also!


We cant tell you just yet because we feel that we have the responsibility to keep you hyped!


Email us at our official email at 5beatid@gmail.com and leave us your contact info and we will get back to you shortly.


Thank you all so much and we hope you all enjoy 5BEAT!

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